Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly-asked questions that we’ve received. Have a question that’s not covered here? Please call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to provide an answer.

What is the average cost per square or linear foot?

There is a general price per square or linear foot range but we prefer to price out each job according to the specific project’s scope of work. We approach each project on a completely custom basis, including our pricing. Please contact us for an estimate on your project. We are generally able to turn around pricing within 24 hours.

What is the first step for remodeling my kitchen countertops or bathroom?

Call or email us with your drawings and layout. For kitchen countertops we are able to provide an initial estimate for budgetary purposes. Bathrooms often require an onsite visit to determine an accurate scope of work for estimation costs.

Generally, how does granite cost compare to other surfaces such as engineered quartz?

Group A priced marbles and granite cost about the same as the introductory priced solid surfaces, but the price must be weighed against performance. Marble and granite are far more valuable than synthetics in much the same way that diamonds are more valuable than rhinestones. The depth and character of natural stone cannot be matched by any man-made surface. Natural stone does not depreciate with time and adds value to your home. Alternatively, quartz offers low maintenance.

At what point can my project be templated?

If you are installing new cabinets, the template can be done once all relevant cabinets are in place, leveled, and in their final locations. If installing over existing cabinetry, most new tops can be measured over existing. All appliances, sink, and plumbing fixtures need to be on location.

Do I get to hand pick my stone?

Yes, after you have decided to move forward with European Stone & Tile Design, we will set up an appointment to accompany you on a visit to one of our stone vendors and choose the exact slab you want. This ensures that you get the highest quality, color and movement that you are looking for.

What kinds of edge details are available?

We can do any kind of edge detail that you can imagine… from the simplest straight polished edge to an elaborately detailed edge. Our most popular edges are straight, crescent, 3/8″ Round, and 1/4″ Bevel. Click here to see our Edge Detail Selection Guide.

What thicknesses are available in natural stone & quartz?

Granite/Engineered quartz slabs are available in two thicknesses: 2cm and 3cm. Marble and limestone slabs are readily available in 2cm and can sometimes be found in 3cm depending on color selection and current availability. If a thicker look is desired we can laminate, or glue, several slabs of stone together until the desired thickness is obtained. Granite, marble and limestone tiles are typically 3/8″ thick.

For custom bathroom projects relating to tub surrounds and shower stalls, European Stone & Tile Design offers 6mm-8mm granite or marble panels. This material is available only through European Stone & Tile Design in the Pacific Northwest.

Does European Stone & Tile Design sell sink or faucets?

European Stone & Tile Design offers a wide variety of sinks, that go along with the countertops. We will ask if you want to use an existing sink or purchase one through us.

My project is a remodel. Will you remove my existing countertops?

European Stone & Tile Design is a full service, surface remodeling contractor. We will prepare the jobsite from the point of entry to the designated work area, provide all necessary disconnections (sinks/ faucets/ cooktops*), and removal of existing countertops. If this a full bathroom renovation, we will provide demolition down to the studs, if required.

At time of your consultation we will provide the expectations of how your specific demolition process will proceed and relevant costs.

* Exceptions apply

How long will I be without my countertops/sink?

We are able to measure most kitchens with the existing countertops in place (exceptions apply). Since we can measure over the existing surface, your downtime can range from 1 – 4 business days once your renovations begin.

What is your lead-time for installation?

Our lead-time for an average size project is no more than five to six business days from the initial date of templating till our return for installation. More complex and involved projects will have longer leads times.

Will my countertops have visible seams?

Depending on your cabinet layout, your tops can potentially have visible seams due to size limitations of material. For stones with little to no movement, seams are known to virtually disappear, but for granites of an exotic nature we spend a great deal of time book matching to continue the appearance of a seamless countertop. Additionally, we try to put the seams in the least conspicuous areas and will be happy to discuss them with you prior to fabrication.

What is the difference between an undermount sink and a top mount sink? Is there a cost difference for the type of cutout required?

A top mount sink has a lip that folds over the countertop. The sink rests on top of the cutout. An undermount sink rests below the granite/marble material so that a polished edge of granite, marble, quartz etc. is exposed above the sink. An undermount sink cutout requires more polishing and installation labor than a drop-in sink cutout, hence an undermount is more costly than a top mount.

For more information about sink options, please visit our Sinks Page.

Does natural stone require special care?

Marble and granite are easier to maintain than you might expect. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth clean up most spills on both surfaces.

Marble isn’t quite as worry-free as granite. It has a softer, less stain-resistant surface than granite and it should be treated like a fine piece of wood. Spills should be wiped up immediately; coasters should be placed under beverage glasses to avoid staining and etching. Marble is especially susceptible to damage from citric acids, alcohols and oils. Yet, with proper care, its beauty will last for generations.

Please visit our Consumer Care & Maintenance Page for more information.

Do I need to “seal” my stonework?

We seal all slab-work, i.e. countertops, tabletops, fireplace surrounds, etc., prior to installation with an impregnator sealer. This sealer soaks into the stone to help guard against staining and does not change the appearance of the stone. The sealer needs to be reapplied every three to five years through a very simple process.

Do I need support brackets for my raised bar or overhang?

We recommend using support brackets for any granite or marble overhang that exceeds 10″ and require brackets for overhangs 12″ or wider. The length of the brackets should be roughly 3″ less than the total overhang width and should be placed approximately every 3 or 4 feet.

How heavy is natural stone/quartz, and will my cabinets support the new weight?

Granite and marble are roughly 6 pounds per square foot per centimeter of thickness. For example, a 2cm slab of granite weighs approximately 12 pounds per square foot and a 3cm slab weighs approximately 18 – 22 pounds per square foot. More dense stones will weigh more per square foot. Any cabinet that is well constructed and properly set will support the weight of natural stone/quartz countertops.

How does granite rate in cleanliness compared to other materials?

Did you know that granite counters are one of the best choices to reduce bacterial contamination? According to a study by Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, granite is far less susceptible to bacterial contamination, than laminate, ceramic tile, concrete and wood combined.

Can my plumber use “plumber’s putty” on my stonework to adhere the sinks and faucets?

Absolutely NOT! Plumber’s putty can quickly ruin natural stone tops, as stated on the back of the package. Your plumber should use 100% silicone in place of plumber’s putty.