European Stone & Tiles wholesale clientele list is a collection of loyal and detailed oriented customers who rely on custom service, timely installations, and quality products to deliver their clients complete product satisfaction. Over the years we have developed series of programs that are all specifically modified to a customer's needs based on their clientele. To open a whole sale account a client is identified under one of five categories with specific requirements to qualify.

Once an account is opened, wholesale clients will receive discounted pricing on materials, design services and installation proposals. We offer a stone and tile showroom where one can bring their client/s to discuss different stone/tile finishes for their kitchen or bath remodel projects. 

European Stone & Tile Design staffs hands-on principal leads with the skills and experience to address every aspect of large scale solid surface application projects. We estimate and install proposals for natural stone/quartz surface countertops through tile work for custom hotel/restaurant facilities, private office centers, and interior/exterior stone paneling.

Applications of installation include, but are not limited to office buildings (private and public), hotels, yachts, golf courses and entertainment sets. We will travel all across the United States and can ship finished parts built from CAD.

Our company continually incorporates new technology and materials to help us work more efficiently and smarter. Our team is built on a wide range of talent both in our office and on your jobsite, keeping you- the client- covered.