Project Coordination

- Following a captured Sale -

Job Processing

Jobs going into progress means a sales representative has sold a job that requires having materials ordered and project dates scheduled. A proper job ticket will have a signed contract uploaded and ticket history notating all materials for the job in the Project Management System.  Sales Associates are required to properly prepare their contract documents, applicable drawings and notations for the Project Coordinator to successfully order all required materials and confirm requested scheduling dates.

Proper Contract/ Packet Outline:

1. Upload to ticket signed contract/ Terms & Conditions

2. Deposit Payments must be collected (as required)

    a. ALL RETAIL JOBS - no exceptions - 50% or greater before jobs will be allowed to be invoiced/ materials ordered

     b. WHOLESALE - new account set up's are subject to 50% deposit until terms are established and approved by accounting

3. Submit through a ticket update to accounting to INVOICE the required signed documents. Notate if deposit was dropped off at office/ credit card captured           etc.

     a. notate any conditions if required/ as applicable, for example: materials being invoiced and collected in 100% for this month, labor to be invoiced for two              months time from now.

4. Submit through a ticket update to Orders department, to job process materials required for installation

     a. notate any client conditions, expectations with materials, vendor notes as required for special pricing etc.  notate if special notes to be observed in blind                fields as required for ordering.

5. Create report packets for the job order immediately and submit to Scheduling.  Include through a ticket update, client's preferred dates (if requested) or               potential timeline for job readiness.


JOB Packets

  A proper packet is essential for scheduling and installation crew members.  INVOICE # must be on the Front Page of every packet.  The packet must have the proper contact phone # on there as well for the correct Jobsite Point of Contact.


1. Front cover page to reflect the summary details of area sold - to include material name, slab size, sink type*, backsplash, edging, and/or if new cabinets/ tear out required

    a. * include specification sheet for sink applicable to the other, regardless if whether European Stone & Tile Design supplies the sinks

    b. include a "Drawing" blank document with orders to allow for technician notes and misc parts drawings as needed onsite

    c. include a sink overhang drawing page for the onsite homeowners to agree to on the sink reveal for countertops

    d. packet MUST INCLUDE: copy of layout to be measured and highlight the parts SOLD


2.  Front cover page to reflect summary details of area sold.

    a. Include drawing of areas being worked on - color coded, notating tile material name & orientation, grout joint size, grout color 

     b. Include tile specifications as required to assist installers

Order Processing Outline

* Review Contract Order Requirements to include all hard, specified materials

* Identify outlining materials involved to manufacture project that is to be ordered

* Confirm project dates are confirmed to set the DDD on all PO''s




   At the completion of a project, it is important to bring the paperwork full circle from the field back into the office to verify the final steps then uploading to the ticket to do a "COMPLETED" ticket status update.

1. Review the scope of work - identify all packets in the field and be sure they are returned back to the office

    a. if the paperwork doesn't have the client’s signature(s) on the packet - not ideal - still ok!  One    needs to be sure to identify the technician(s) who were responsible for the job, write down their names and dates.

    b. once all paperwork has been retrieved, go the "processing checklist binder" and find the summary overview form.

    c. review all the summary steps and begin closing out the job.


2. Job Close Out

    a. Verify that there are no lingering service/ warranty/ touch up related items to the scope of work that was promised in the field that needs to be scheduled.

     This can be done by:

         a1. Calling the installers for a final update that you also put into the ticket for reference

         a2. When calling a COD client - ask how they liked the installation and get "call back" matter  out of the way first

a3. If client advises a final outstanding item lingers proceed to discussing what details, update the ticket [tag sales rep and individual responsible for scheduling all matters], collect preferred dates from the homeowner for the service to be performed and get Work Order written.  See Next Step related to Monies then update the project checklist and proceed to Step C & D


b. For COD customers - be sure we have final payment on file and collected, if not - pull up INVOICE - see for any accounting related notes otherwise CALL the        client for card payment

              b1. If clients has said they want “repairs” etc addressed but are still pleasant advise that to schedule the service payment minus a Retention payment is to be collected with that retention balance being due at the completion of the requested service call.

              “Retention” payments is 10% of the outstanding balance for open balances $10k or less.  If greater than $10k then involve manager/ owner.


 c. If unable to collect money or close out - leave notes in the ticket and on the project checklist and    proceed to upload all final papeworks (as available)

        c1. Label all final uploads as follows:  Pxxx _ [ex. Final Install Packet ] _ Upload



  d. put the open checklist back into the Project Binder under the Tab: FINAL CLOSEOUT(s)

         d1. FINAL CLOSEOUT_ ($): put your checklist under this section with the checklist & a copy of unpaid invoice attached. On the unpaid invoice keep dated                      notes of attempts to collect - always update the ticket too 

         d2. FINAL CLOSEOUT_(P): (p - stands for papework) put your checklist under this section with the checklist if the ticket is missing any other line items on the close out section such as, final paperwork, additional service related to repairs or warranty need to be addressed in order to close out.   After completing the service or warranty item - be sure to return to step AR step related item.



This Is a Simple Title

Write a Great Subtitle


> Logistics/ Communication <

At the completion of a sale, proper ticket organization and work orders created, the sales associate will be responsible for the following:

1. Inputting in the ticket the properly identified Point of Contact for the scheduling and project coordination for the contracted work order.

     > this must also be properly identified on the CR's

2.  Creating a ticket Entry will any and all details the customers are requesting if mentioned at the time signing, such as dates preferred ( notate if flexible ), times of day not at home, lock box information and any/all specifics the Scheduling Department needs to be aware of prior to calling the PoC for a date/ time confirmation.

3. Submit all paperwork ( CR packets, applicable drawings, etc) into Scheduling.


Scheduling will on the front page of the work order, note the INVOICE # associated with the order before confirming dates. Without this reference #, jobs will no longer be scheduled.  For questions related on how to acquire an INV # see above for Job Processing.

Once your packet is submitted allow for 24 - 48 hours for the project to be locked on the calendar which will involve the Scheduling Department directly reaching out to the designated Point of Contact, confirming the dates we can accommodate, followed up by an email confirming the conversation.

A ticket update will be done notifying the Sales Person of all said specifics or that dates are scheduled/emailed to the PoC.

Scheduling will be responsible for handling all logistical phone calls, calendar changes related to production updates, material delays and/or onsite changes requiring scheduling adjustments.

Again the ticket will be updated, notifying said sales person of all ongoing discussions occurring onsite.

07/31/2017: As of this date until further notice - submit all packets for template/ installation of countertops, tile installations or larger scale projects to Maria.  All repairs, warranty calls, cutout services submit to Shaun.



 The scheduling department is responsible for processing the provided work order packets and following up with the clients to discuss their project timeline and scope of work needs.

Scheduling will be responsible for handling all logistical phone calls, calendar changes related to production updates, material delays and/or onsite changes requiring scheduling adjustments.

Again the ticket will be updated, notifying said sales person of all ongoing discussions occurring onsite.

1. Reach out the designated PoC and address 

     a. When the client will be ready for the template of countertops or beginning of tile prepping/ installation services

     b. Identify a ballpark start date if no "hard" date can be provided so we have a floating placeholder on the schedule to be aware of our production needs

     c. If a solid date is able to be booked - DO NOT provide a time of arrival as that will be provided 24 - 48 hours prior

2. At the conclusion of the conversation update their CR with the confirmed or tentative dates via email as a reminder of the conversation with any outstanding bullet point items too.  Example - farmhouse sink installed, cooktop must be onsite, all cabinets to be set/ secured level or all bath fixtures roughed in/ installed etc.  

3. If during the scheduling conversation, reminders were made about certain items being completed prior to our arrival, notate that in the ticket

4. Update ticket noting having scheduled job with "whom", misc notes or details that may affect a timeline being pushed out beyond the tentative dates noted.

5. Put the work order in the folder and move on to next job!


Dept: Accounting/ Ordering



1. Enter " NEW CUSTOMER" into Quickbooks

2. Create INVOICE

a. Item = Countertops

b Description = Contract ID# xxx/ P# xxxx

c. Quantity = 1, amount written for subtotal amount

3. Create PO''s for the job order

4. Process PO and notate into ticket system once PO filled and received


All purchase orders must correlate to a job order and invoice in the system. 

1. Create PO to applicable Vendor per the project order

a. Slab Purchase Orders – require quantity and price unit specification

b. Tile Orders- require attention to each detail line item of contract

2. Print PO''s and Process

a. Print PO

b. Fax/ Email vendor depending on vendor preference

c. Acquire ref#, expected arrival dates of products

d. File away in Will Call PO Bin''s respectively, ie Tile/ Slab/ Plumbing

3. Backorder &amp; Special Order Items

a. Update Job Ticket ASAP so company representative can confer with clients project timeline and ensure order is still valid

Notate Orders with following T Charts

Date | Method sent

Ref # | DDD


By Definition: Client with an approved ESTD registered business account with approved Account Terms (NOT COD).

Sales Associate will provide either physical copies of signed contract or forward via email the signed agreement.  From this contract, the order can be processed

1. Determine if client is New or Existing in System

a. <i>if new client - </i> see WholeSale Account setup procedures

b. for Active Accounts processing a work order will require the following documents to be provided before the execution of the following steps:

2. Create INVOICE

a. Item = Countertops

b Description = Contract ID# xxx/ P# xxxx

c. Quantity = 1, amount written for subtotal amount

3. Create PO''s for the job order

4. Process PO and notate into ticket system once PO filled and received

Project Coordinator - Post Project Role

Follow Up/ Service Calls/ Warranty/ Maitenance

Post Job Follow Up/ Service/ Warranty/ Maintenance

If a completed project has a punchlist for close out or a client of a completed project calls in - the Project Coordinator is responsible for handling all rescheduling matters.  It is also the P.C. responsibility to discern is the item is a service call ( fee's apply), covered under warranty (no fee), or new scope of work ( in which case turn back over to the original sales rep to close a new sale). 

If a completed project is a large scale remodel punchlist, P.C is responsible for contacting all sub contractors to decipher a logistics schedule, ideally to be done in sequence or the same day (if space or type of work allows for multiple tradesman in the same space) till punchlist is completed.  If punchlist involves collecting a cost DELTA from a sub, once acquired P.C. must turn over to sales rep to close out the new cost amount to client for approval or credit memo.