Do I need support brackets for my raised bar or overhang?

We recommend using support brackets for any granite or marble overhang that exceeds 10" and require brackets for overhangs 12" or wider. The length of the brackets should be roughly 3" less than the total overhang width and should be placed approximately every 3 or 4 feet.

Do I need to “seal” my stonework?

We seal all slab-work, i.e. countertops, tabletops, fireplace surrounds, etc., prior to installation with an impregnator sealer. This sealer soaks into the stone to help guard against staining and does not change the appearance of the stone. The sealer needs to be reapplied every three to five years through a very simple process.

Does natural stone require special care?

Marble and granite are easier to maintain than you might expect. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth clean up most spills on both surfaces. Marble isn't quite as worry-free as granite. It has a softer, less stain-resistant surface than granite and it should be treated like a fine piece of wood. Spills

Will my countertops have visible seams?

Depending on your cabinet layout, your tops can potentially have visible seams due to size limitations of material. For stones with little to no movement, seams are known to virtually disappear, but for granites of an exotic nature we spend a great deal of time book matching to continue the appearance of a seamless countertop.

What is your lead-time for installation?

Our lead-time for an average size project is no more than five to six business days from the initial date of templating till our return for installation. More complex and involved projects will have longer leads times.